Sex Ed for Real Life.

Crush shares sexual health information with adolescent womenanywhere, anytime.

Crush includes, in English and Spanish, sex-positive, culturally and age appropriate information on…

Healthy Relationships

Sexual Health & Anatomy


Clinical Services

It’s kind of a big deal.

Crush is the first and only smartphone-based digital tool proven effective at increasing young women’s sense of control to make decisions regarding their sexual behavior.

A 2017 randomized controlled trial with 1,210 young women found that users of Crush and CrushTEXT…

are more likely to use health clinics for sexual & reproductive health services.

are more likely to feel confident in using health clinics for sexual & reproductive health services.

have more positive attitudes toward
using birth control, every time.

are more likely to feel in control of using birth control, every time.

are more knowledgeable about IUDs & implants.

more info…


of users like Crush

And they like it!

That’s because Crush uses interactive, multimedia features to enhance engagement and support diverse learning styles.

And while information on CrushTEXT and how you can use the evidence-based program in your communities and schools will be released this fall, you can access and share Crush now.

(Crush is designed to be viewed on a smartphone.)

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